Degreasing Chemicals

Moiya Carbusol

Moiya Carbusol is an efficient carbon / degreasing compound. Removal of hard carbon deposits formed on the top of the piston in cylinder heads, cylinder blocks etc. of diesel / petrol engines, marnie engines, compressors and other machineries subject to high temperatures is a tedious task involving a lot of scrapping (with a sharp instrument such as knief ) and manual labour. Inspite of a lot of efforts by manual labour, feeling of achieving not enough is experienced by a fastidious technician. The Moiya carbusol offers an excellent solution for this problem. It removes any stubbon carbon deposit with ease & to anybody's satisfaction. The compound could also be cleaning the engine and other machinery parts off oil, grease & dirt to achieve a clean surface to enable inspection / assess wear and tear.

The compound is a good substitute for diesel / petrol which is normally used by the technicians. The efficiency of the product is far superior to that of diesel / petrol and can remove carbon addition (the latter in this aspect ) The compound is also economical compared to the latter cost and quantity required for any task.

Method of using
The part containing the carbon deposits cloud be dipped in the Moiya Carbusol compound for 10 to 15 minutes or more depending upon the hardness of to deposit thereafter the deposit could be simply wiped of by a peace of cloth / brush to attain a carbon free and clean surface. The compound could also be applied with a cloth on the surface and the deposit could be wiped off after sometimes as above. Heatinc the compound to 500C to 600C could yield betters result put the same is not absolute essential. The surface thereafter could be washed with water as the compound is water friendly / a similar procedure could be used for cleaning the part of oil, grease & dirt.

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