Degreasing Chemicals

Moiya Defoamer-Wx ( Speciality defoamer )

Moiya Defoamer-Wx is a speciality defoamer useful over a wide pH range and it is particularly suitable for long-term durability in alkaline systems. Suggested applications are paper, textile, etc. and also as a general purpose defoamer in number of industrial applications.

Typical properties Appearance / colour. Off white viscous liquid Chemical composition. Proprietary blend of organic compounds. lonic nature : non ionic. pH (2% dispersion ) 4.5 - 7.5

Dilutability :

Dispersible in water : Application. normally used as delivered. However the defoamer can also be readily diluted with water in 1:1 ratio. if desired. If defoamer is diluted, it is highly recommeded that the diluted defoamer be stirred well before use for effective performance and the diluted product be consumed within 24 hours. It is generally suggested to start with a concentration of 100-300gm of DEFOAMER -WX per metric ton of solution and then to adjust the amount upwards or downwords in order to determine the most cost/ effective concentration. The defoamer is preferably added at a location where good mixing can be ensured. Optimum location may be determined by trials.

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