Degreasing Chemicals

Moiya Kleen

Moiya Kleen is a non hazardous solvent free non-flammable, eco friendly gel available in the market. It prevents Industrial dermatis caused by the use of hydrocarbon solvents. It can easily remove situbborn grease, pair resins oil varnish adhesive etc. It also eliminates use of harmful solvents like petrol, diesel kerosene, hydrocarbon, machine oil, lube oil etc. which are expensive and have number of disadvantage such as

  • Damages to the skin
  • Fire hazards
  • High cost
  • Difficult to control wastage
  • Loss due to evaporation &
  • Loss due to spillage leaves a pleasant odour on hands and makes the palm smooth due to emollients in the product

Packing 25 Ltrs. HDPE Carboys
The compound is specially developed for cleaning the hands and limbs which are soiled. with oil / grease / dirt etc. in factories, garages, work sites etc, It offers a ready solution for cleaning the hands in a hygienic manner at these places since no amount of washing with soap / other detergent with water can give a satisfaction to a health conscious individual.

Method of using
A little amount of gel is applied to the palm and rubbed on the stain surface till it is noticed that the entire grime and dirt is discharged from the area it could then be wiped with cotton waste or cloth.

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