Degreasing Chemicals

Moiya Coach Cleaning Composition Type I, Type II & Type III

These are most versatile concentrated chemical cleaners developed specially for diverse Industrial and Marnie Cleaning. The Compounds should be mixed with water in the proportion of dilution ratio mentioned to achieve the ready to use condition.

The compound is manufactured in specified dilution ratio with water i.e. the ratio of Volume of compound to be mixed with volume of water to get ready to use condition. The dilution ratio is specified by the client and could be 1.10 or 20. All other properties would remain the same except for

Method of using

The compound so applied should be rubbed with a mob / brush. with pressure in areas where heavy dirt accumulation is found. The entire areas should then be washed off with a jet of water. The type I compound is meant for moderately dirty surface. The type II, which is a heavy duty compound being slightly acidic is meant for severely dirty surfaces. The type III is a compound specially developed for cleaning of coaches of Konkan Railway, the necessity being explained below.

Cleaning of coaches of Konkan Railway faces a peculiar problem. The coaches pass through a number of tunnels, where a sudden chilling effectis felt on the outer surface of the coaches and the same are suddenly cooled. There is a repeated heating & cooling effect on these surfaces. As a result the black soot discharged by the diesel engine exhaust of the train gets deposited on this surface & forms a hard layer which cannot be removed by the normal coach cleaning composition. A special composition is developed,after a lot of research, to wash away this hard carbon deposit A trial of the product was conducted on these coaches at Kurla yard on 09 th Dec 05 & excellent results were achieved. This compound cloud be used for cleaning of surface subjected to similar conditions elsewhere. The dillutiuon of the compound with water could be varied depending upon the hardness of he deposit.

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