Degreasing Chemicals

Moiya Rust Convertor

The composition, when applied on rusted surface free from lose rust convents the adherent rust into a compact protective coating. By converting rusts (Ferric oxide ) to a stable organic ferrosoferric complex. The complex is a passive coating and maintains its chemical action as rust convertor.

Method of Use
The composition can be applied by brushing or swabbing by cloth. Small components can be coated by dipping.

Salient features
Can be applied on any rusted surface of steel after removals of lose rust. It converts rust into a coating / as a primer and primer paint coat can be dispensed with it is non-toxic, does not emit acidic toxic furmes and is safe to handle. It could be handed by unskiled workers. The surface remains clean, even if the application of finished paint is delayed for a month. Highly useful for use in bridges, gates, grill, shutters, bolt, nuts, washers, gaskets, steel almirahs, furniture, naval ships, Submarines Army vehicles War equipmnets, Defense installations, Bunkers etc. In refineries the same thing being used on all pipelies, structures chimneys and towers for protection from cancerous rusting.

Packing 50 Kgs. HDPE Carboys
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